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Статья от 2012
03-07-2012, 00:00

Квантовые точки — наноразмерные сенсоры для медицины и биологии

Многочисленные спектроскопические методы, появившиеся во второй половине XX века, — электронная и атомно-силовая микроскопии, спектроскопия ядерного магнитного резонанса, масс-спектрометрия — казалось бы, давно отправили традиционную оптическую микроскопию «на...
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02-07-2012, 00:00

Short Tandem Repeat Analysis in the Research Laboratory

Short tandem repeat (STR) analysis is an informative approach to genetic identification and is commonly associated with DNA testing in forensic laboratories, paternity disputes or missing persons cases. However, there are many other uses for STR analysis, such as verifying tissue sample origins,...
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23-05-2012, 00:00

Simplifying Mechanistic Toxicity Testing Workflow with Automation

Introduction In vitro cell-based assays have become an integral part of drug discovery, from target identification and validation through high-throughput screening. Automation is necessary for high-throughput screening but also can provide tangible benefits in characterizing lead compounds and...
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09-05-2012, 00:00

Evaluation of Haplotypes to Enhance the Power of STR Test Kits in Cases of Questioned

Introduction Multiplex STR typing kits available commercially today are robust and exhibit a very high discriminatory power in cases of questioned family relationships, especially cases in which the questioned relationship is one of alleged parent and child. While existing kits are very...
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Статья от 2007
16-09-2007, 00:00

When that day comes, Promega hopes to have played a supporting role

The Need More than 1.2 million people around the world will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. It is the most common malignancy among women worldwide (1). In the US alone, the incidence rate has increased from one in 20 in 1960 to one in eight today. In some aspects scientists are...
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